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What is the purpose of government?


Perhaps it’s time to reassess what our goals are. Perhaps it’s time to get back to basics, and rebuild our social system in a more enlightened, more scientific, and more proven effective way. Maybe it’s time to ask what we, as a global community, want for and of ourselves.

If so, I suggest looking at systems that are already well evolved to work in a huge range of diverse environments! I suggest that we model our society, and it’s basic functions, especially the global infrastructure area, on healthy, living biological systems, such as us social animals.

In animals like humans, there are only two basic functions that run throughout the entire system, governing the system’s basic organization of all it’s smaller organs and individual cells in a shared, collaborative effort at keeping everyone functioning well. Those two functions are the circulatory system and the nervous system. These structures do two basic things for the whole system, and that’s to move informational and material~energetic resources from where they are created to where they are needed. That’s it! Evolution has shown that keeping things flowing is what is needed when it comes to system-wide infrastructure, no more, no less.

What if we chose to work to create a planetary government system that worked just like we do?


You can download a black and white version of this as a poster, Which you can hang up around your community, as a way to get people talking. (Feel free to add your own contact info to it, so people can get in touch with you if you want to organize folks in your community around this.) Download here: Government poster.

Also, check out a similar project/idea in the form of the http://primedirectiveearth.wordpress.com, which is another of my sites.


Prime Locations and Wave Interference

Prime Locations and Wave Interference

Here is simple, obvious, and explainable to a five year old proof of the primes and their locations relative to other numbers. EDIT: I was wrong about the Riemann zeros, so I’ve removed the statement about them! Sorry for any confusion! And I need to rewrite the Twin Primes proof! It’s coming soon, I promise! I can see it, just not describe it right now in words.

6n±1 is the magic location where all primes (after 3) are able to live. All primes are located at 1, 5, 7, or 11 on a normal 12 hour clock, and have “ones digits” of 1, 5, 7, or 11 in base 12.

Cool huh?

See for yourself! Click the image!

It’s all about the waves. The repeating cycles of waves for each number, that is, and how they either interfere with one another or not. The primes are the troughs in a whole ocean of regular wave patterns.


(Oh, and if you want to contact me, my email is TheWiseTurtle over on gmail.)


Turil Speaks UP!

flying with my love was a dream come true

My highest dreams for a better future:

1. To help use the internet to create a global brain for the Earth, where each individual on the planet, flora, fauna, and otherwise, has the ability to share it’s own wants and offers, so that the world’s resources are easily directed to wherever they are most useful for creating health and wellbeing for all.

2. To find a group of people who are interested in helping me build a network of CREATE Spaces (Community Resource Exchange: Art, Technology, and Education Spaces) where artists and scientists and other creators are fully and freely supported in making the most awesome projects possible solving both local and global problems, for the benefit of all.

3. To help my beloved husband, of ten years as of today, and my force of nature soul mate, David Rodenhiser, identify and achieve his specific dreams of the most grand and inspiring flight, both literal and metaphorical!

4. To be free to do my work, using the best quality resources the world has to offer, so that my creations and projects can help the world most effectively.

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
Turil Sewden Cronburg

Speaking Up for Little People

Speaking Up for You!

We’re all small in some way, and we all need to be spoken for sometimes.  So I’ve written a new children’s book that is really all for you!

This book supports human beings, and other people, in finding a healthy, compassionate, loving, and fun way to deal with anger and sadness and fear, through storytelling and drama and, believe it or not, composting, too!  It’s got some of my favorite photographs in it, of some of the beautiful people, places, and things I’ve discovered in the world, as well as some very interesting people, places, and things that I’ve entirely invented.  I truly hope that this book both delights and inspires many individuals all over the planet, and helps many people find ways to heal some of the pain that they’ve been going through.  The world can really use some healing these days, can’t it?

A free, high quality printable PDF (28 mb!) of the book is available for download.

An $8 professionally printed paperback book is also available for purchase at Amazon.

The same professionally printed paperback book is also available from me, in person, with a sliding scale donation option for those who want to pay more or less than the retail prive of $8.  (Email me at TheWiseTurtle on gmail if you want to try to organize picking up copies from me directly.)

My goal is to help every parent, teacher, counselor, and kid who wants to support kids in finding ways to use their negative emotions for positive effect, through storytelling.  And my hope is that everyone else might find some benefit to the book as well, either by reading it and creating their own stories that transform their negative emotions into positive ideas, or by simply living in a world where more people are inspired to do this.




love pulls us forward into a better place

you are being kissed by the stars

Growth always comes when we’re aiming for something more good, true, beautiful, and/or inspiring. When we have a loving place to move into, we can expand and become our whole, best selves.

Trying to push yourself into a space that isn’t made for you, specifically, will only end up with pain, for everyone. Thus, we know the best path to take in life is the one that naturally pulls us forward into a space that fits our unique self comfortably and lovingly.

So follow your heart, and you’ll always end up where the universe most needs you to be, creating the most joy for everyone.

I wish you well in connecting with your heart and allowing it to be pulled to where it’s most welcome and wanted and valued.


Maine, looking forward

Every unique individual in the universe is fulfilling a unique path through the geometry of reality, coloring in just one yarn-like string of puzzle piece of the pattern that is all of creation.

Sometimes the squiggles, wobbles, knots and other strange detours we take in life are seemingly unexplainable on a surface level, but we can know, deep down, that every mental and physical exploration we go on, even if it seems totally far away from our overall journey in life, is necessary, for the universe to be fully complete, in all it’s infinite expansion of creativity, beauty, and awe.

I respect your detours, and look forward to seeing your whole journey, and enjoy all the times your path and mine join.



my gifts to you

a path shared - photo by David Rodenhiser

The best gifts I can offer to you

I offer you freedom. Freedom to be who you are. Freedom to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, as much as is humanly possible. I can offer you this because I see how all of the universe, and all the elements within the universe, including you and me, have a unique path that we each must take as the universe, through us, explores itself fully. Your path might not be one that anyone alive could predict, and it might be extremely challenging and painful, or very easy and joyful, or somewhere in between, but it is a path that must be taken, in order for the universe to be fully realized. All possible paths must be taken, so that the universe can be complete, whole, and perfect.

So, yes, I offer you the freedom to take that path which you must take, to be whomever the universe needs you to be.

I respect your path in life, whatever it might be.

I also offer you as much love and support in aiming for your dreams. You deserve to get everything you need to continue to clarify and move towards your highest ideals for what you want to be able to create in the world.

I respect your ideals in life, whatever they might be.

And finally, I offer you my best ability to understand who you are and what you want in life. Because no matter who and what that is, it comes from the core desire that all living beings have to grow and learn and create new and beautiful and valuable things for the future generations.

I respect you and all that you do, whatever that might be.

These are my greatest gifts to you, fully and freely, as much as humanly possible.




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