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TWTS – Who Haven’t You Asked



TWTS – Episode 63 – Who Haven’t You Asked

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I have a saying “Who haven’t you asked yet?” I guess it stemmed from my quest for answers about how to grow healthfully, and how to deal with anger, after realizing that both I and my beloved husband were so very angry. I found my best answers by looking in all kinds of weird places. Leaving no stone unturned, as they say. By listening to so many different types of individuals, instead of just the ones who were similar to me, I found some really unexpected perspectives which led to some great solutions.

We can form questions in different ways to get the attention of different kinds of individuals, who have different perspectives on the subject. These can be anything from different parts of our own brain to other animals, vegetables, minerals, and whatnot that we encounter in our lives — anything that happens to have some kind of information that we might not have, or haven’t yet tried to apply to our current problem we’re trying to solve.

Here are the kinds of questions that we can ask, in chronological order, as we seek to achieve a goal and encounter a problematic something or other (X):

Physical (Negative/Past): What caused X?

Emotional: What do others think of my theory about what caused X?

Intellectual: How does my theory fail to predict reality?

Philosophical: What IS reality (here and now)?

Physical (Positive/Future): How can we work WITH reality (to achieve our goal)?


What do they know?
Did you ask them?

(Oh, and inertia was the word I was looking for!)


Links referenced in episode:

The MIT Media Lab event that this was partly a reaction to Curious Minds: from building knowledge networks to inciting political resistance

My weird Discord channel… has now been banned. Discord does not protect minority opinions, or free speech.

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil


The Big Picture:

My big goal that is getting very much closer, thanks to generous donations, is starting a non-profit community resource hub with resident artists, techies, and educators all working with the community to find creative solutions using available resources to serve the needs of the community members freely and unconditionally so that everyone can be their best possible selves. I’m currently (Spring 2018) starting to seriously look for (very cheap) property, ideally an old farm, probably in mid-coast Maine, and seeking folks who can help figure out the legal stuff of starting a non-profit or whatever, and putting the property into a trust so that it’s always there to serve the needs of those who live there.

I’ve also created a Patreon creator account for those who believe that my work is valuable and who have an excess number of banking points (aka $’s, £’s, ¥, or whatever).

If you want to toss me a little Bitcoinage, this is my wallet address: 1KH9wQmrRrpaMKYM3WFrMJBTGhNGhjBHLo

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