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A Solstice Gift – Announcing: Voting UP!

Vote for awesomeness!

What if you had another option when the time came around to vote in government elections? What if you had the option to speak up for the planet, all the Earthlings, and yourself instead of simply checking off one of the lesser evils available on the ballot?

Well, you do! That little Write In space is just for you!

Literally YOU.

From now on, if you want to let the government know that it’s time to stop trying to run a top-down, violence/force/money-based, competitive, anti-social, artificial system, and time to start allowing a bottom-up, naturally emergent, cooperation-based, pro-social system where we collectively take excellent care of ourselves as a whole Earth by doing what we love (what we are born to be most inspired to create for the world) and asking for what we need to make these creative efforts come true, you can simply write in that space provided for you:


That’s right! Everyone for President! Everyone for Congress! Everyone for Mayor! Everyone for everything!

Yep, I’m officially declaring that we are all running for President this time around! A full campaign, both serious and ironic, will be appearing slowly but surely over the next year or so. Feel free to join in on the campaign as well!

Everyone might not win this time around, but that is the goal, and one well worth investing in!