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Safe Spaces for Mammalian Memes



TWTS – Episode 78 –

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We’re seeing history repeat itself, on a higher level now. We kinda know how the story of the dinosaurs’ genes went, and now we can see the dinosaur memes flame out too, to be recycled into informational fuel for the future.

While that happens, our small, furry, pro-social, creative memes need a place to hide out for a while. We can CREATE spaces for us to be safe, while we focus on taking excellent care of the basic needs of the small resourceful groups that are starting to spread out into the cracks and crevices of our planet, staying well away from the oversized, aggressive, dangerous beasts of centralized corporations and national governments.

You can join me in working to make truly safe spaces for all of our mammalian memes, and the bodies that contain them, or just go for it on your own, in your own local spaces.

It might not be the most comfortable time on the Earth right now, but if we focus on the best stuff, in small, decentralized ways, we just need to hang tight for a bit, and then we’ll finally inherit the Earth.

Happy Summer Solstice!



Links referenced in episode:

The video podcast this one is following up on: The Grand Solstice of Life on Earth

Speaker John Ash’s Twitter thread that partly inspired this story

An old, sparse website introducing the CREATE Space project: http://www.createspaceearth.org

Me on Twitter: thewiseturtle

More of me!: www.reddit.com/user/turil/overview


The Big Picture:

My big goal that is getting very much closer, thanks to generous donations, is starting a non-profit community resource hub with resident artists, techies, and educators all working with the community to find creative solutions using available resources to serve the needs of the community members freely and unconditionally so that everyone can be their best possible selves. I’m currently (Summer 2018) starting to seriously look for (very cheap) property, ideally an old farm, probably in mid-coast Maine, and seeking folks who can help figure out the legal stuff of starting a non-profit or whatever, and putting the property into a trust so that it’s always there to serve the needs of those who live there.

I’ve also created a Patreon creator account for those who believe that my work is valuable and who have an excess number of banking points (aka $’s, £’s, ¥, or whatever).

If you want to toss me a little Bitcoinage, this is my wallet address: 1KH9wQmrRrpaMKYM3WFrMJBTGhNGhjBHLo

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