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stories and ideas

ideas are independent and chaotic, stories are dependent and linear

Ideas can indeed be independent and capable of being valued totally on their own, without an identified speaker.

And stories – those thoughts and feelings that are connected to specific times and dates and individuals and experiences that lead to complaints, praise, concern, and love – they need to come with the context of not just a name, but the whole sensory expansion that is an individual being, their style, their age, their voice, their energy, their physical expression of themselves, and, yes, their name. Stories that don’t have the full context of who is telling them will fall flat, and be lost in a sea of fully fleshed out tales that truly convey the kind of information that we humans crave, as we collectively tell the story of life.

Ideas change and grow and multiply and divide as they spread out across the networks of connected neurons and other storage and communication devices of reality.

Stories keep their core linear narrative, and the important details of the who, what, where, when, and hopefully at least a little of why as they march forward in a parade-like procession, gathering an audience as they go.

Ideas are useful for solving practical problems.

Stories are useful for understanding life.

Ideas and stories are both valuable, and both need venues that welcome and share them… Where do you go to listen to and tell your stories? Where do you go to listen to and tell your ideas?


how to stand up for oneself

I stand up for wanting more sustainable, wild, and nutritious local food!

Openly and publicly be consistent in demonstrating what one personally wants.

Breaking the words down… “Stand” gives us the consistent part, as opposed to some kind of moving around, such as wavering, running away, pushing, sidling, etc.

The “up” gives us the public part, as opposed to laying low/down.

The “for” part means the positive, wanting stuff, as opposed to being against stuff.

And the “oneself” part is doing it openly (full disclosure of one’s true self), as opposed to standing up for “someone, somewhere”.

Clearly, there is no pushing other people around, being negative, hiding, or saying one thing to one person and another to another person involved. Sometimes these other things are valuable, but they are not “standing up for oneself” at least not in any kind of accurate or literal sense.

This is something that most folks aren’t ever taught! Imagine if kids learned this in kindergarten, so that they had a logical and literal understanding of how they can, indeed, stand up for themselves when confronted by bullies?