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TWTS – If You’re Happy and You Know It



TWTS – Episode 50 – If You’re Happy and You Know It

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We are given so many mixed messages about how to deal with emotions! Do X! Don’t do X!

I try to make the most of an hour to offer you a fairly concise and thorough, but simple and universal approach to expressing our emotions in a way that works well, and makes life easier for everyone, even when doing what we instinctively want to do hasn’t worked out so well in the past. I got into how we can respect and care for our bodies, and their natural, normal, generally healthy reactions to problems, fears, danger, threats, etc. while also doing as little harm to our environment and the individual animals, vegetables, minerals, etc. around us who we need to keep reasonably intact, if we are to be successful in growing and learning and making life better overall?

I go through the four basic instinctive reactions of fight/anger/aggression, flight/fear/avoidance, freeze/sadness/depression, flow/happiness/joy and how we can put a little effort into moving from the most destructive, and least effective, way of expressing our emotions, to the most creative and effective way.

The general idea is identifying the particular emotion and problem, and then practicing in a reasonably comfortable space with a similar low level problem to move just a little bit towards improving the situation in some way. Then, when the “real thing” shows up, you have more options, and can choose your instinctive response or your new skilled response, depending on which one is more useful.

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