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TWTS – Consciousness is Contraction



TWTS – Episode 22. – Conscious is Contraction

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What really matters?

If the two processes of the universe are contraction and expansion, and all smaller “things” that make up the universe are different combinations of infinitesimal instances of the contraction and expansion states, then we can describe all of the things we speak of in these terms of contraction (0) and expansion (1).  In this case, I’m also going to suggest that the term “consciousness” can be described as expanded external reality being contracted into a more material state within an internal somethingorother (like our brains, or even a molecule).  In other words, all individual things that take in energy (information) from outside themselves and turn that energy into matter are “conscious” in some way.  And the more complex and multi-dimensional the representation gets, the more consciousness the thing has.  Human brains, of course, are pretty complex.  But is there something beyond this complexity?  Is a whole planet able to be conscious, if it is turning energy into matter in some way?

“I’m not a genius, I’m just a tremendous bundle of experience.” ~Buckminster Fuller



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