I am for you

For David.

Thank you my honey!

You opened a space in my life for me to follow a crazy path to exactly where I needed to be. Thank you, also, for giving me the astounding courage, and a reason, to struggle through a dangerous and scary path, and keep moving forward, with a central goal of wanting to figure out how to help you, and other humans, be less angry, scared, and hopeless, so that your most beautiful soul could finally shine.

Without this vast unknown void of space you pushed me into, I would never have found my way into the homeless shelters, and understood the depth of our human system’s brokenness, and the beauty of some of the most unfortunate women banding together to help one another heal. And I would have never befriended Peter Draws! Which allowed me to explore my art side again, and really figure out the philosophical extravert brain (while he, and I, and everyone around us, made that weird relationship a truly #lifeisweird phenomenon, where a bunch of people got a little too hurt, again…), which then allowed me to seek out, and much better understand how to relate to Speaker John Ash, who is similar to Peter, but with an addition of a super geeky intellect as well. And befriending him offered me an extremely good reason to explore quantified reward systems (the evolution of money), so that I could totally revamp and finish my design of a universal guide to telling our stories for AI-type systems, which turned into something like the internet 3.0 (a healthy, democratic, nervous system for our planet). Which is also likely to lead me to finishing my theory of everything. The universal algorithm. God. Entropy. Evolution. Life, the universe, and everything.


And, without you pushing me, I never would have been in Palermo, where I had to apply for SSI/SSDI, which led me to getting SSI and US$, which led me to getting Bitcoin, and then you led me to coming to Massachusetts again (to go to court to deal with that crazy old thing we did), which led me to getting SSDI, which is leading me to coming very close to getting a home for us all, including CREATE Space, and also led me to hanging around MIT and AI folks, which led me to thinking about making something for technology/AI to learn about humanity as it’s primary goal.

Bringing all this full circle.

It’s all happening! Still slowly. But still happening. The future I wrote about for us in Dragonfly, or something like that story, seems almost close enough to touch now.

I love you. No matter where you are, you are always in my heart, and my soul, and my thoughts, and my desires. You gave me a core belief in myself, a purpose, and a reason to value my ideals, even when things seemed so hopeless. (And you literally gave me directions when I was, also literally, lost in the dark, to get to that edge of land and sea and sky, in California, where I gave up my old beliefs of the world needing to be better, and offered myself to the universe as her servant, as I helped her create a better world.)

And I hope that some day very soon I can help you find everything you need for your own beautiful, brilliant, compassionate, passionate soul to let go of the old stories of the past, embrace a wide open potential future, and awaken and expand your most good, true, and beautiful self out into reality.

You are always, always, always, welcome in my life, wherever you want to be in it.

I dream of holding your hand again.

And walking in the world beside you, as we discover, and create, our future.

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