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Government Prime Directive

Prime Directive Earth

Here’s a slight modification to my Human Prime Directive, to be used as a government self-defining policy. This puts the basic Human Prime Directive in context, as the law of government output, with the government’s own inputs, outputs, and conflict/problem-solving intentions as the total three elements of a “Government Prime Directive”. The following is a general description of the Earth/Government Prime Directive. (For a larger version of the diagram above, describing the directive, click on the image and it will open in a new window.)

Eliminate all current laws, and create only the following laws:

1. Input: Government can collect resources only through donations.

2. Output: Government can only use collected resources to serve three things, individual material input needs, output needs, and social interaction (balance) needs, specifically: access to the basic physical needs for humans and any other individuals who appear to want help – the needs for humans being inputs of high quality food, water, air, warmth, light, and outlets for individuals’ solid, liquid, gas, and energy outputs – along with the option of win-win mediation and problem solving for any conflicts that arise for any individuals, human and otherwise, with a goal of balance and equality of access to basic needs.

3. Balance: Government solves it’s own problems of how to serve these needs by collecting data about the individual needs from all who are interested in “voting” using open polls where individuals’ needs are recorded, at the level of detail that the individuals choose, in a publicly readable database, and also collects solutions about how to provide these needs in a separate publicly editable database, and then offers government resources to individuals and groups based on the solutions that the communities and individuals choose to use.

All organization/organisms are fractal, so a larger galactic government could have the Earth’s system as one of the individuals it serves, just as each of us humans is one of the individuals our Earth government serves.


the sun and the moon

change and grow

She is the Moon
pushing and pulling
on the people of the Earth
allowing them to
to feel and move and change
as waves
of watery flow

He is the Sun
solid and passionate
in his explosions of fiery energy
giving the people of the Earth
the power
to love and live
and grow
as particles
of thinking know

we are
for you


A self aware small world

This is just the beginning!

A variety of studies and mathematics research suggests that the number of connections between one random individual human on this planet and another random human is no more than somewhere between 3 and 7. This is that classic idea of Six Degrees of Separation, for which Kevin Bacon and mathematician Paul Erdös were, separately, somewhat famous for. (Alas, I don’t think Bacon has an Erdös number, as you’re required to have authored an academic paper published in some accepted science journal to even have a chance…)

This means that the family tree of living human beings overlaps itself pretty tightly for a world so small that you probably know someone who knows someone who knows someone who lives in Zimbabwe and rides a bicycle to school.

Add this bit of serendipity to the fact that a large proportion of the human population has the ability to think at a fourth person perspective, for a systems thinking approach to viewing reality – where I can imagine what my friend’s friend’s friend thinks about the situation in the Gaza Strip – and with the majority of humans having at least third person perspective awareness – being able to think about what my friend’s friend on the other side of the planet is doing today – and you have a world where nearly every human is at least capable of being aware of how every other human (and many other people of other shapes and sizes and colors and material make-up) on the planet experiences life.

For those of us in the second half or so of the average human lifespan, over the age of 40, this means that we literally have the capacity to hold the entire world of humans in our minds at once, and not just in theory, but in practice as well, at a spiritual level of connection. And because of the internet, we can get a much more personal experience of what it’s like to be those individuals, including the folks in places that are very different from our own environment.

The Earth is literally becoming fully aware of itself.

The Earth is becoming conscious.

We might be not much more than a newborn, and not able to do much more than know what we want at a very basic level, and know a couple of things we enjoy at doing – making noise, looking at things, flailing around a lot, and discovering what our various parts can do – but we are emerging out of our fetal stage, finally…