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TWTS – Small is the New Big



TWTS – Episode 81 – Small is the New Big

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A tiny ball of confusion hits the Earth, pushing the status quo off the edge, dramatically eliminating the dinosaur memes, and allowing the small and furry memes of the Earth to reconnect with what it is that they most need, at the deepest core.

We now know what the memetic version of the genetic dinosaur’s infamous comet is. A tiny, spiky sphere of viral RNA.

Yes, the waiting is over. We are now leaping upwards, into humanity’s developmental level 1000, focusing on first, second, and third person input, with a whole new, planetary level output opening up to our awareness.

What do we need now?

Universal Material Health.

Starting at home.

And ever so slowly expanding outward, to encompass the entire globe.

Food, water, air, warmth, light, and information that is qualitatively better, for us all, so that we can mature into a global consciousness of peak self-awareness — an emergent wisdom of a new, all encompassing Age of Enlightenment.


Maslow 2.0


Links referenced in episode:

The Grand Solstice of Life on Earth (video episode)

An old, sparse website introducing the CREATE Space project: http://www.createspaceearth.org

A Small and Furry Government (podcast episode 13)

Safe Spaces for Mammalian Memes (podcast episode 78)

Me on Twitter: thewiseturtle

More of me!: www.reddit.com/user/turil/overview


The Big Picture:

We have land! Thanks to generous donations, my dream of starting a non-profit community resource hub with resident artists, techies, and educators all working with the community to find creative solutions using available resources to serve the needs of the community members freely and unconditionally so that everyone can be their best possible selves has real, material beginnings! We now have a (very cheap) small blop of property in mid-coast Maine, and I’m seeking folks who can help physically build spaces for volunteers to live, and the public to explore and create with us.

I’ve also created a Patreon creator account for those who believe that my work is valuable and who have an excess number of banking points (aka $’s, £’s, ¥, or whatever).

If you want to toss me a little Bitcoinage, this is my wallet address: 1KH9wQmrRrpaMKYM3WFrMJBTGhNGhjBHLo

Subscribe to The Wise Turtle Speaks Podcast on iTunes or subscribe manually in your favorite podcast application by using the rss feed address – https://turil.wordpress.com/category/TWTSpodcast/feed/.

(Also, note my “gifts wanted” on the rightmost sidebar for ways to help out in non-monetary ways.)





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