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TWTS – The Best… For What Purpose?



TWTS – Episode 74 – The Best… For What Purpose?

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When we are asking for the “best” option or solution to a problem, it’s very useful to also be clear about:

Why are we asking the question? (Who, specifically, are we trying to help, and what are we specifically trying to help them get or do?)

How are the complex probabilities, and values of each option/solution, being simplified (to reach a single “best” answer)?

Bias, aka, subjective perspective, is a necessary part of a healthy, diverse system, but it can be problematic when we’re not aware of why individuals are coming up with dramatically different answers to what can seem, on the surface, like the exact same question.

For example, when asking an important question such as “Do we want to vaccinate ourselves and/or our children?” we can look at what our own, personal, goals are in life, what the options available to us are, how we give weight to the different possibilities, and what the probability is that the “best” choice is going to help us achieve our goals, relative to what the probabilities are that the other choices will get us to where we want to be.

And then we can seek to understand all of these things — goals, available options, and assessed probabilities — for everyone else who’s asking the same question and getting different answers, whether those others are animals, vegetables, or minerals even (computers, etc.).

Of course, understanding why their “weird” answers are the “best” from their perspective doesn’t mean that our own best answers aren’t the best for us. We might not need to change our own ideas about the best answers to our own problems when learning about others at all, since our own goals and options are probably different. But even so, getting to know a little more more about others’ thought processes is just a healthy way to feel more comfortable with the diversity of goals, and approaches to those goals, that life creates.

Or, we can skip the deep exploration of why and how, and just trust that life is doing what it needs to do, as we individually learn how to take excellent care of the specific people, places, and things that we find most precious.

Also, ultimately, we can become aware of the reality that life, as a whole, has to explore all the different options for all the different tactics, so that every time living organisms are thrust into new situations and new environments, there is someone, somewhere, capable of navigating through the new territory effectively, specifically because of their particularly abnormal modus operandi.

As strange as others’ answers might seem to us, and our answers might seem to them, all of our answers, and our thinking processes, are probably important for the success of life as a whole.


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The Big Picture:

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