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a vision of the future, for your edification

what lies beyond the trees?

The Foundational Questions Institute, Scientific American, and a few other organizations hold an essay contest every year on a topic related to science and the deepest questions of reality. This year’s contest is titled “How Should Humanity Steer the Future?” and I’ve created an entry that has so far delighted many who’ve read it.

Perhaps it will delight you as well!

You can read the abstract and commentary, and download a PDF of my paper, titled, Planetary Procreation, on the FQXi page here:


The basic idea is that by looking at the patterns of evolution so far we can extrapolate that in the future humans will continue to expand our consciousness into more dimensions, in time and space, and that in order for us to be most successful as a species, and planet, at it’s most basic level, all we need to do is to focus our resources and research on understanding and providing the things we naturally find most valuable to have and do in life. And that the way we do that is going to be emergent, bottom-up, and natural, rather than the artificial, top-down, and, um… unemergent? way we’ve often tried to do things recently, in government, business, and family. In other words, following our heart, and using our mind to find ways to get where we want to go more effectively, is the way to an evolving future.

So, yes, I hope you enjoy my offering, if you are curious about where we might be headed in the future. And I hope you can find time and resources to seek your own most meaningful path through life, to wherever and whenever you are most excited about going in the universe!

(This essay might be considered a version of my Speaking Up project that’s aimed at the wise elders of the world, adding to the children’s book and a forthcoming book for the older teens and younger twenty-somethings, and the Prime Directive Earth government system proposal which is aimed at the older twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, I think. The long term goal being a media offering that supports all the different stages of development in feeling positive about themselves and finding ways to express their highest ideals about what they want and want to do in life.)