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What is the purpose of government?


Perhaps it’s time to reassess what our goals are. Perhaps it’s time to get back to basics, and rebuild our social system in a more enlightened, more scientific, and more proven effective way. Maybe it’s time to ask what we, as a global community, want for and of ourselves.

If so, I suggest looking at systems that are already well evolved to work in a huge range of diverse environments! I suggest that we model our society, and it’s basic functions, especially the global infrastructure area, on healthy, living biological systems, such as us social animals.

In animals like humans, there are only two basic functions that run throughout the entire system, governing the system’s basic organization of all it’s smaller organs and individual cells in a shared, collaborative effort at keeping everyone functioning well. Those two functions are the circulatory system and the nervous system. These structures do two basic things for the whole system, and that’s to move informational and material~energetic resources from where they are created to where they are needed. That’s it! Evolution has shown that keeping things flowing is what is needed when it comes to system-wide infrastructure, no more, no less.

What if we chose to work to create a planetary government system that worked just like we do?


You can download a black and white version of this as a poster, Which you can hang up around your community, as a way to get people talking. (Feel free to add your own contact info to it, so people can get in touch with you if you want to organize folks in your community around this.) Download here: Government poster.

Also, check out a similar project/idea in the form of the http://primedirectiveearth.wordpress.com, which is another of my sites.