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TWTS – Transitions – United We Stand, Uniquely We Move



TWTS – Episode 85 – Transitions – United We Stand, Uniquely We Move

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It can feel upsetting to transition, but we can make the change a whole lot easier by bringing to light stories that help us see how we’re all part of a larger, purposeful, world, while also valuing our specific, specialized roles in the grand mission.

We are collectively the same, and individually exceptional. This is how reality builds strong and flexible systems. The more we can share this vision of what the universe wants of our planet, the more we can flow comfortably from one moment to the next, even when the new location seems to be so very different from the old one.

The Earth’s resiliency might just come down to a few simple, but crucial stories.


Links referenced in episode:

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A fun little visualization of this kind of story: https://twitter.com/thewiseturtle/status/1346521644160970759

More of me!: www.reddit.com/user/turil/overview


The Big Picture:

We have land! Thanks to generous donations, my dream of starting a non-profit community resource hub with resident artists, techies, and educators all working with the community to find creative solutions using available resources to serve the needs of the community members freely and unconditionally so that everyone can be their best possible selves has real, material beginnings! We now have a (very cheap) small blop of property in mid-coast Maine, and I’m seeking folks who can help physically build spaces for volunteers to live, and the public to explore and create with us.

Also, if you want to toss me a little Bitcoinage, to support this dream, and more, this is my wallet address: 1KH9wQmrRrpaMKYM3WFrMJBTGhNGhjBHLo

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