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TWTS – Reflecting on War = Raw



TWTS – Episode 39. – Reflecting on War = Raw

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In this episode I explore how we can transform our history of war, the negativity surrounding Memorial Day (and it’s celebration of violence), and the anger/destruction/disconnection-based fight element of the stages of grief (stages of learning), into something positive so that we can evolve. Memorial day is all about reflection, and I discover that the literal reflection of “war” is “raw”.

Rawness is all about vulnerability, openness, existential philosophy, absolute sensitivity, and being in an unadulterated, natural state. War is the opposite of raw in the same way that the anger/fight element of the stages of grief is the opposite of the depression/freeze element. Depression comes after anger, and it is what finally moves us toward the discovery of an enlightened resolution to our past problems.

We can reclaim Memorial Day as a positive time to embrace the spiritually beautiful and raw depression stage of grieving, with its focus on looking back at the life-affirming things we have lost, and then keeping those in mind as we seek ways to reconnect to the world using healthy curiosity and compassion, especially with those we might have previously feared or been in conflict with.


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