I am for you

a love letter

With so much gratitude, I offer the Earth…

The Architecture for Planetary Procreation! – a new algorithm for a future internet that is fully aimed at serving the input and output needs of the whole planet.

It’s both a pattern for evolving our stories and visions of a better future, in a healthy, emergent, decentralized way, and also a design for organizing an entire planet’s worth of life’s offerings and requests, in a healthy, democratic, centralized way. It’s a grand architecture for categorizing and directing content of all manner, for the most effective use, in the form of a noosphere, aka, a global nervous system!

Here’s a video explaining a bit about the purpose of it.

And here’s an updated version of the Maslow 2.0 hierarchy of needs which describes the next level of detail for the architecture process.

It’s time to play!

Want to join me?


Links referenced in this post:

Speaker John Ash’s Social Proof of Work video

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noosphere

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil

The decentralized planet community on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/redditdecentralized

The Stages of Grief are Loopy

A list of my posts about the Speaking Up process


The Big Picture:

My big goal that is getting very much closer, thanks to generous donations, is starting a non-profit community resource hub with resident artists, techies, and educators all working with the community to find creative solutions using available resources to serve the needs of the community members freely and unconditionally so that everyone can be their best possible selves. I’m currently (Summer 2018) starting to seriously look for (very cheap) property, ideally an old farm, probably in mid-coast Maine, and seeking folks who can help figure out the legal stuff of starting a non-profit or whatever, and putting the property into a trust so that it’s always there to serve the needs of those who live there.

I’ve also created a Patreon creator account for those who believe that my work is valuable and who have an excess number of banking points (aka $’s, £’s, ¥, or whatever).

If you want to toss me a little Bitcoinage, this is my wallet address: 1KH9wQmrRrpaMKYM3WFrMJBTGhNGhjBHLo

Subscribe to The Wise Turtle Speaks Podcast on iTunes or subscribe manually in your favorite podcast application by using the rss feed address – https://turil.wordpress.com/category/TWTSpodcast/feed/.

(Also, note my “gifts wanted” on the rightmost sidebar for ways to help out in non-monetary ways.)





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