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TWTS – Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone Lurks Excellence



TWTS – Episode 57 – Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone Lurks Excellence

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For the vast majority of us humans the state of flow is… over there. Just out of our immediate reach.

But if we stretch ourselves we can get there, get to a state where our bodies, including our brains, are operating at peak performance.

And to get there we need BOTH the support of healthy resources, and just a little bit of discomfort. Too much ease and comfort will make us bored. Too much pain and suffering and frustration will immobilize us (or turn us psychopathic). But that nice balance of everything we need most, plus a little challenge to give us a problem to focus our skills and experience on, will lead us to accomplishing something we likely never imagined possible. Some research suggests that the discomfort level is ideal when there is a positive (comfort) to negative (discomfort) experience ratio of 5:1.

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Links referenced in episode:

John and Julie Gottman relationship research

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his Flow state theory

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