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Turil Speaks UP!

flying with my love was a dream come true

My highest dreams for a better future:

1. To help use the internet to create a global brain for the Earth, where each individual on the planet, flora, fauna, and otherwise, has the ability to share it’s own wants and offers, so that the world’s resources are easily directed to wherever they are most useful for creating health and wellbeing for all.

2. To find a group of people who are interested in helping me build a network of CREATE Spaces (Community Resource Exchange: Art, Technology, and Education Spaces) where artists and scientists and other creators are fully and freely supported in making the most awesome projects possible solving both local and global problems, for the benefit of all.

3. To help my beloved husband, of ten years as of today, and my force of nature soul mate, David Rodenhiser, identify and achieve his specific dreams of the most grand and inspiring flight, both literal and metaphorical!

4. To be free to do my work, using the best quality resources the world has to offer, so that my creations and projects can help the world most effectively.

Peace, Love, and Bicycles,
Turil Sewden Cronburg