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The Gift of Curiosity

Your Big Question!

What’s Your Big Question?

1. Figure out which information would most help you be the amazing person you dream about being. Or, consider what information you’d love to discover before you die.

2. Ask for that information in all different kinds of situations, from all different kinds of people (animal, vegetable, and/or mineral!).

When you ask your biggest question you are bestowing upon the world something precious, and giving us all a chance to offer you something invaluable in return: answers!



Everyone for President: the Campaign kicks off!

Vote for Everyone, including the trees!

Isn’t it time that we stand up for EVERYONE?

If you believe it is, then vote: Everyone for President!

BECAUSE: We intend to create a healthy, thriving, procreative system of government that functions as effectively, efficiently, and joyfully as possible while serving the needs of all individuals, so that we can all be our best possible selves

BECAUSE: We believe that when individuals are supported in getting their basic physical needs met we are naturally motivated, and able, to serve all of life by contributing high quality matter and energy to others, freely and enthusiastically, and that the physical need for humans are:

high quality food
clean water
fresh air
comfortable warmth
inspiring light
honest information
and ways to freely express the body’s excess solids, liquids, gasses, and energy

BECAUSE: We ourselves are motivated to invest our resources in increasing the ability of individuals’ bodies, personal spaces, communities, and global culture as a whole to flourish

BECAUSE: We understand that the most robust and resilient systems — as in all biological organisms — are self-organizing, bottom-up, free-flowing, nurturing, cooperation-based, emergent, and decentralized


(write in)

(and Prime Minister, and Chancellor, and Congress, and Parliament, and Governor, and Grand Poobah, etc.)

This is a bottom-up, do it ourselves, emergent campaign, where everyone is equal in their ability to participate, promote, and discuss the idea of moving past the win-lose, competitive, force-based, artificial, money/greed/hoarding-focused government and economic system, and towards a win-win, cooperative, nurturing-based, natural, health-focused government and economic system, in whatever way feels most compelling, joyful, and meaningful to us as Earthlings.

Feel free to join me specifically, or follow your own path in this campaign. If you want to discuss things, come visit the Everyone for President community on Reddit! And maybe download, print, and share the flyers here: EveryoneforPresidentflyer.PDF




Community Resource Exchange – Art, Technology, Education Space


CREATE Space on Earth! Community Resource Exchange Art Technology Education Space

Building a global network for nurturing individuals, solving problems, and building a network of awesome, resilient communities through the exceptionally creative merging of art, technology, and education.

Would you like to see a CREATE Space flourishing in your area? Contact Turil Cronburg at TheWiseTurtle on gmail.com to discover the possibilities! And check out the brand new website!


It’s finally time to do something BIG! Planet sized big!

Please join me!


A Solstice Gift – Announcing: Voting UP!

Vote for awesomeness!

What if you had another option when the time came around to vote in government elections? What if you had the option to speak up for the planet, all the Earthlings, and yourself instead of simply checking off one of the lesser evils available on the ballot?

Well, you do! That little Write In space is just for you!

Literally YOU.

From now on, if you want to let the government know that it’s time to stop trying to run a top-down, violence/force/money-based, competitive, anti-social, artificial system, and time to start allowing a bottom-up, naturally emergent, cooperation-based, pro-social system where we collectively take excellent care of ourselves as a whole Earth by doing what we love (what we are born to be most inspired to create for the world) and asking for what we need to make these creative efforts come true, you can simply write in that space provided for you:


That’s right! Everyone for President! Everyone for Congress! Everyone for Mayor! Everyone for everything!

Yep, I’m officially declaring that we are all running for President this time around! A full campaign, both serious and ironic, will be appearing slowly but surely over the next year or so. Feel free to join in on the campaign as well!

Everyone might not win this time around, but that is the goal, and one well worth investing in!



Speaking Up For Yourself!


I made some paper airplanes so that you could share your highest goals for the kinds of things you want to add to the world.

I imagine these little gifts of good intentions might make a fun flash mob sort of event. Can you picture handing out a pile of copies of this PDF, along with some markers or other colorful writing implements to a whole group of people and then encouraging them to make and propel the planes into the air all around your community? I can!

My own high hopes are that I can add more courage to follow your dreams to your life! Your dreams are beautiful, and the world will be so much better off when you choose to aim high!


My view of the past, present, and future, in book form!


As an offering to the future generations of human beings, and others, I present:

Dragonfly: Prosthetic Goddess of an Awkward Idealist

It’s a book! For adults!

This is the latest work in my Speaking Up series, encouraging folks to explore their own, and others, highest goals for what we all want to add to the world, using our most uniquely awesome skills, talents, interests, and visions.

This book is aimed especially at the younger adults: college age folks and other twenty-somethings. However, it may be appreciated by adults of all ages.

The back of the book blurb gives you an idea of what you will find in the book, though there are also a few surprises in store for those who choose to explore the story!

What happens when a young woman is given the time, space, and inclination to honestly answer some of the deepest questions facing humanity, all while struggling to simply be herself in a very messy world, full of urban artists, geeky bicyclists, social media, and the infinitely fractal edges between it all?

The spiraling journey this woman takes — from her past, to her present, and into her future ­­— offers an inspiring and compelling perspective of what it means to be a human being on this small blue-green marble of a planet, spinning through the universe with it’s lunar companion and solar vanguard keeping pace with us all.

The book is currently available as a free digital download, in PDF form, as well as being available in print from Amazon. You also might be able to get a printed copy from me directly, for whatever you want to pay, if you can track me down in person.

(If you want an ePub file copy, instead of a PDF, email me at TheWiseTurtle on gmail, and I can send it to you. WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload ePub files here.)

If you want to donate anything to me in return, money, science books, housing, or whatever (see my list of requests on the right sidebar for stuff I’m in need of), let me know in an email! And, if you want to toss me a little bitcoinage, this, apparently, is my wallet address: 1KH9wQmrRrpaMKYM3WFrMJBTGhNGhjBHLo


a vision of the future, for your edification

what lies beyond the trees?

The Foundational Questions Institute, Scientific American, and a few other organizations hold an essay contest every year on a topic related to science and the deepest questions of reality. This year’s contest is titled “How Should Humanity Steer the Future?” and I’ve created an entry that has so far delighted many who’ve read it.

Perhaps it will delight you as well!

You can read the abstract and commentary, and download a PDF of my paper, titled, Planetary Procreation, on the FQXi page here:


The basic idea is that by looking at the patterns of evolution so far we can extrapolate that in the future humans will continue to expand our consciousness into more dimensions, in time and space, and that in order for us to be most successful as a species, and planet, at it’s most basic level, all we need to do is to focus our resources and research on understanding and providing the things we naturally find most valuable to have and do in life. And that the way we do that is going to be emergent, bottom-up, and natural, rather than the artificial, top-down, and, um… unemergent? way we’ve often tried to do things recently, in government, business, and family. In other words, following our heart, and using our mind to find ways to get where we want to go more effectively, is the way to an evolving future.

So, yes, I hope you enjoy my offering, if you are curious about where we might be headed in the future. And I hope you can find time and resources to seek your own most meaningful path through life, to wherever and whenever you are most excited about going in the universe!

(This essay might be considered a version of my Speaking Up project that’s aimed at the wise elders of the world, adding to the children’s book and a forthcoming book for the older teens and younger twenty-somethings, and the Prime Directive Earth government system proposal which is aimed at the older twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, I think. The long term goal being a media offering that supports all the different stages of development in feeling positive about themselves and finding ways to express their highest ideals about what they want and want to do in life.)



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