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TWTS – Solstice – Addendum – A Personal Story of Loss



TWTS – Episode 61 – Solstice – Addendum – A Personal Story of Loss

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My own reflection of what I’ve lost, an introspection on the past decade of my life, without my beloved husband and without a healthy community that supports my basic needs for food, water, air, warmth, light, information, and the freedom to express myself fully.

I’ve used this loss to define myself and my goals for creating a better world. I hope that you can explore your own losses and define yourself with them so that you, too, can clarify your goals and ideals for what you want to do with your life!



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I also (temporarily, at least) recently lost a beautiful relationship I had with my friend Peter, when he decided he needed to be destructive to his community, before he rebuilds: https://youtu.be/raQKg5p0Jfo

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil


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The Grand Solstice of Life on Earth

In the grand procession of the Earth, we not only move through yearly seasons of life – the emotionally expressive Summer, the intellectually introspective Fall, the philosophically/spiritually deep darkness of Winter, and then the explosively passionate and playful and productive Spring – but we move through these stages on personal and cultural levels as well.

So, in this cultural, seasonal, and maybe personal time of Solstice pausing and reflecting, I suggest that we consider sharing our stories of loss, so that we might better understand who we are and what we most value in life, so that we can slowly come back together – after so much fighting, and then dividing and retreating from one another – as a larger, more collaborative, more compassionate, more connected, whole.

With Gratitude,