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a meme for mother Earth – #mymostpreciousthing

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Starting from high above and slowly zooming in on our planet you will naturally find a person, place, or thing to rest your vision on, something that seems to be the most cherished out of all of the rest of the world for you.

What is your most precious thing?

Feel free to share the image and/or your story of your most precious thing with anyone and everyone, so that we can all better see the treasures surrounding our lives which we most want to protect, preserve, and help flourish.


I also spoke about my most precious thing in the special podcast last Solstice. My beloved David. Happy Birthday my honey!


TWTS – Solstice – Addendum – A Personal Story of Loss



TWTS – Episode 61 – Solstice – Addendum – A Personal Story of Loss

DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): TWTS – Episode 61 – Solstice – Addendum – A Personal Story of Loss


My own reflection of what I’ve lost, an introspection on the past decade of my life, without my beloved husband and without a healthy community that supports my basic needs for food, water, air, warmth, light, information, and the freedom to express myself fully.

I’ve used this loss to define myself and my goals for creating a better world. I hope that you can explore your own losses and define yourself with them so that you, too, can clarify your goals and ideals for what you want to do with your life!



Links referenced in episode:

I also (temporarily, at least) recently lost a beautiful relationship I had with my friend Peter, when he decided he needed to be destructive to his community, before he rebuilds: https://youtu.be/raQKg5p0Jfo

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil


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The Grand Solstice of Life on Earth

In the grand procession of the Earth, we not only move through yearly seasons of life – the emotionally expressive Summer, the intellectually introspective Fall, the philosophically/spiritually deep darkness of Winter, and then the explosively passionate and playful and productive Spring – but we move through these stages on personal and cultural levels as well.

So, in this cultural, seasonal, and maybe personal time of Solstice pausing and reflecting, I suggest that we consider sharing our stories of loss, so that we might better understand who we are and what we most value in life, so that we can slowly come back together – after so much fighting, and then dividing and retreating from one another – as a larger, more collaborative, more compassionate, more connected, whole.

With Gratitude,

Free Speaking Up Workshop in Stockton Springs, Maine – January 21


The Wise Turtle presents:

Speaking Up Workshop for Clarification and Communication
Saturday January 21, 10am-noon
Stockton Springs Town Office Community Room (lower level, rear entrance/parking lot)
217 Main St.

Children welcome when accompanied by an adult.

A fun and meaningful process for crafting the story of who you are and what you want. Aimed at artists, activists, and self explorers alike.

Using a philosophical understanding of the loopy pattern through which life naturally flows, this workshop will guide participants in identifying their most important stories about themselves, and then help them write, illustrate, sing, or simply tell those tales in the most inspiring way. Using this process, participants can learn how to be better communicators, and improve relationships, whether personal or professional.

For an introduction to the Speaking Up process, you can listen to an older podcast: Speaking Up for Yourself

Email me for more info at TheWiseTurtle on Gmail, or comment here if you want.





Are you Angry, Sad, Scared, Confused? Here is what you can do!

Peering through...

How to deal with overwhelming drama? Tragedy? Disappointment? Frustration? Hopelessness? Fear?

Well, I’ve been through all of that, having felt abandoned by my family, forced into homelessness, and thinking that everything was just so damned wrong with the world. Over the past decade I’ve slowly emerged up and out of that misery, and the following are just some of the things I’ve come up with that allow me to feel like my life is honestly worth living, and my work truly worth doing…

I suggest you start here:

Sit down with yourself and really listen, to yourself, as you clarify what is most precious to you. And then speak up about it! – https://turil.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/twts-speaking-up-for-yourself/

Consider playing a better “game”! Instead of a Monopoly game, try playing the collaborative game of life, where the goal is increasing everyone’s health, rather than hoarding money. To make this game a little easier, I offer you a bit of a map.

– Life: Earth Mission – https://turil.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/do-you-want-to-play-the-best-game-ever/

– Here’s a podcast explanation of this same game – https://turil.wordpress.com/2015/06/24/twts-life-earth-mission/

Like to explore history? Then take a look at one way to put all the socio-political changes that have been happening into perspective — past, present, and future — in this blog post and podcast on the evolution of human culture and generations – https://turil.wordpress.com/2016/06/08/twts-generations-x-yand-z-rebooting-humanity/

Want to DO something? Then consider helping build a global network of community resource centers where artists, educators, and techies collaborate with local communities to find creative ways to use freely available resources to meet the basic needs of everyone, so that we can all pursue the creative and explorative awesomeness that we’ve always dreamed of spending our lives doing – https://www.createspaceearth.org

And for anyone who has a kid in their lives, offer them a (free PDF, or paid printed) copy of my Speaking UP for Young People book.


And, of course, feel free to ask for, or offer, help on a more personal level, via my email using TheWiseTurtle on Gmail.com as the address. (Make that into a normal address before sending! :-)

And whatever you do, remember that life is all about two simple processes, repeating over and over again, ad infinitum – dividing things up into smaller pieces, and then recombining those smaller pieces in novel ways, to make new, more complex, more creative, more diverse, and more interesting stuff. This is true for genes, art, memes, and entire ideologies. The division process can be dramatic, but it’s always followed by the creation of something even better than before.




Gift 2 of 3: the Global Organism Database!

First I helped assist with the birth of CREATE Space Earth and I’m working passionately to bring about the very first real live local CREATE hub in a community, somewhere, soon… (If you want to help make that happen faster, in any way, please do contact me! My email address is on the sidebar just to the right of this column, or find me on Reddit with the username “Turil”. The project could really use a couple more creative doers to push it over that tipping point.)

And now, I’m offering up to you a sister project to help collect expertise for solving any and all problems we encounter for getting our basic needs met in life. The goal is a global repository for practical solutions to improve the quality of life for all!

So today, I present to you:

the Global Online Database

The Global Online Database!

It’s just an announcement page right now, but it’s a live site, fully hosted (not glommed into some freebie site like this blog is. :-), and I’m actively looking for ideas on what the best way to build a how-to type site that can be highly organized and searchable in multiple levels and categories. Something better than a wiki… Suggestions?

If this sounds a little familiar, it is very similar to my older project Binikou, only updated and broader, and less focused on kids. Kids are still very welcome to use it, but it’s more focused on being a basic DIY instructional database for collecting any and all solutions for using resource A to get need B. The CREATE Spaces will feed into this site, I imagine, once they get up and running, as will any techies, artists, educators, and everyone else who’s found a good way to do something useful and wants to share that discovery with the world.

So, yeah, my big master plan is coming together. Slowly, but surely. That’s how turtles roll! I’m excited, and happy to have a way to focus all of my energies in the areas that are most appropriate, given the general categories of what our planetary system needs to be healthy. Things are actually starting to move forward again, with some real promise of breaking through into the mainstream for once. Expect magic! (The real kind!)

Here’s an Life: Earth Mission (Turil’s grand plan!) of where these projects fit into everything, for your appreciation and stimulation… (And yes, there’s one on there that’s not live yet. :-)


TWTS – Measure Twice Marry Once


TWTS – Episode 7. Measure Twice Marry Once – How to Consciously Plan for an Awesome Life Partnership

DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): TWTS Measure Twice Marry Once

Picking a Partner: Similar physical and emotional personality styles makes couples feel more comfortable, understood, and free to be themselves, so if you want a strong connection with your mate, seek out a partner with the same first person and second person styles. And the in the higher level preferences (intellectual/third-person and philosophical/fourth-person) seek out a partner with one similar and one different preference, and you’ve probably got a potential soul mate.

Connecting with a Partner: Communication really is the boring sounding, but highly challenging and rewarding, secret to any good relationship. Identify and share all of your most important frustrations, fears/losses, physical and emotional states, awareness, needs, and dreams with your potential or actual partner, and ask them to share their own in return, so that you have a more robust sense of who you are as individuals.

Growing with a Partner: Explore and understand the different levels of brain development that are happening and are expected to happen, because some of the changes that our minds go through at certain points of our lives can throw huge wads of weirdness into even the most stable partnership. Respecting and expecting these changes goes a very long way towards being well prepared to get through them not just intact but maybe even enchantingly empowered, as a couple.

Procreating with a Partner: The highest purpose of all constructive couplings is to allow two unique individuals, each with their own exceptional combination of particular bits of nature and nurture, to combine significant parts of themselves together to form something never before seen, to offer as a gift to the world at large, in the form of a physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or philosophical creation, all new and shiny and original. Identifying your shared goals for the type of remarkable being you most want to create as a couple, and clarifying how you most want to nurture that creation, so that it can most effectively interact with the world, is likely to be the super duper über glue that bonds your marriage together for life, no matter what insanity might get thrown at the partnership, because the desire for successful procreation, in whatever form feels most right to each individual, is the fountain from which living beings’ greatest strength, deepest passion, clearest thinking, and most inspiring wisdom in life emanates.



Links referenced in episode:

DSMBTI personality diagram

Speaking UP Process (PDF download)

Maslow 2.0

Wholistic Enchilada community on Reddit

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil

My other website: http://www.thewiseturtle.com


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