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TWTS – Biological Fourier Transform Peak Experiences!



TWTS – Episode 21. – Biological Fourier Transform Peak Experiences!

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What matters?

Our more “metaphorical” and poetic language turns out to be an excellent clue as to the more scientific processes of what’s going on unconsciously with our more complex and interesting experiences as living beings in this universe. For example, the idea of “peak experiences” may well be a quite literal expression of how smaller, weirder waves of sensory inputs or communication outputs are overlapping in a way that produces an exponentially stronger and more powerful and more pointed wave in the story that is our life, in the same way that an expanded rainbow of colored light combines together to create an intense, focused burst of pure white light.

Sometimes, just sometimes, in our path through the universe, our bodies and minds come upon some collection of smaller, seemingly insignificant, or at least fairly mundane, elements of delight that are brought together in a way that overlaps their energy/information waves such that they produce an exceptionally overwhelming surge of power inside us.

I’m curious about how our more two dimensional science can bring it’s more quantified and detailed understanding of this process with philosophy’s (religion’s) more three dimensional illustrations of the big ideas of humanity, to help us better clarify how we might learn to explain and create more of our flow states so that we can help all of living beings, individually and as a whole, consciously find a whole lot more intense height and delightful breadth.



Particles are the peaks of the waves!  This is Einstein's E=MC2...


Links referenced in episode:

Consciousness Development Pattern

Flow States: Csikszentmihalyi TED Talk

Rise of Superman – Book by Steven Kotler

(My review of the Rise of Superman on Reddit)

First ever picture of light as particles and waves at the same time

Rapalje’s Dunmore Girls

Science explains how music can give humans the equivalent of an orgasmic experience

And Reddit’s discussion of how music can give humans the equivalent of an orgasmic experience

Celtic spirals!

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