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Speaking Up for Little People

Speaking Up for You!

We’re all small in some way, and we all need to be spoken for sometimes.  So I’ve written a new children’s book that is really all for you!

This book supports human beings, and other people, in finding a healthy, compassionate, loving, and fun way to deal with anger and sadness and fear, through storytelling and drama and, believe it or not, composting, too!  It’s got some of my favorite photographs in it, of some of the beautiful people, places, and things I’ve discovered in the world, as well as some very interesting people, places, and things that I’ve entirely invented.  I truly hope that this book both delights and inspires many individuals all over the planet, and helps many people find ways to heal some of the pain that they’ve been going through.  The world can really use some healing these days, can’t it?

A free, high quality printable PDF (28 mb!) of the book is available for download.

An $8 professionally printed paperback book is also available for purchase at Amazon.

The same professionally printed paperback book is also available from me, in person, with a sliding scale donation option for those who want to pay more or less than the retail prive of $8.  (Email me at TheWiseTurtle on gmail if you want to try to organize picking up copies from me directly.)

My goal is to help every parent, teacher, counselor, and kid who wants to support kids in finding ways to use their negative emotions for positive effect, through storytelling.  And my hope is that everyone else might find some benefit to the book as well, either by reading it and creating their own stories that transform their negative emotions into positive ideas, or by simply living in a world where more people are inspired to do this.





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