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TWTS – Measure Twice Marry Once


TWTS – Episode 7. Measure Twice Marry Once – How to Consciously Plan for an Awesome Life Partnership

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Picking a Partner: Similar physical and emotional personality styles makes couples feel more comfortable, understood, and free to be themselves, so if you want a strong connection with your mate, seek out a partner with the same first person and second person styles. And the in the higher level preferences (intellectual/third-person and philosophical/fourth-person) seek out a partner with one similar and one different preference, and you’ve probably got a potential soul mate.

Connecting with a Partner: Communication really is the boring sounding, but highly challenging and rewarding, secret to any good relationship. Identify and share all of your most important frustrations, fears/losses, physical and emotional states, awareness, needs, and dreams with your potential or actual partner, and ask them to share their own in return, so that you have a more robust sense of who you are as individuals.

Growing with a Partner: Explore and understand the different levels of brain development that are happening and are expected to happen, because some of the changes that our minds go through at certain points of our lives can throw huge wads of weirdness into even the most stable partnership. Respecting and expecting these changes goes a very long way towards being well prepared to get through them not just intact but maybe even enchantingly empowered, as a couple.

Procreating with a Partner: The highest purpose of all constructive couplings is to allow two unique individuals, each with their own exceptional combination of particular bits of nature and nurture, to combine significant parts of themselves together to form something never before seen, to offer as a gift to the world at large, in the form of a physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or philosophical creation, all new and shiny and original. Identifying your shared goals for the type of remarkable being you most want to create as a couple, and clarifying how you most want to nurture that creation, so that it can most effectively interact with the world, is likely to be the super duper über glue that bonds your marriage together for life, no matter what insanity might get thrown at the partnership, because the desire for successful procreation, in whatever form feels most right to each individual, is the fountain from which living beings’ greatest strength, deepest passion, clearest thinking, and most inspiring wisdom in life emanates.



Links referenced in episode:

DSMBTI personality diagram

Speaking UP Process (PDF download)

Maslow 2.0

Wholistic Enchilada community on Reddit

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil

My other website: http://www.thewiseturtle.com


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