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TWTS – What are we doing here?



TWTS – Episode 48 – What are we doing here?

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Thinking, mostly. Everything thinks. Therefore it is. What is thinking? Absorbing information/energy, and processing it in some way.

Thinking is patterns.

And there are only a few basic building blocks that make up, or at least describe, all possible patterns in reality: empty, pregnant space, a point or location in that space, a movement or line between two points, and so on, with each next pattern being more changes/lines between a point or set of points in space.

And Pascal’s triangle tells us how many points and lines (vectors, changes, differences, etc.) there are for each dimension of thinking that we’re doing.

(Note that I initially talk about the 1, 3, 3, 1 level of Pascal’s traingle as the 3rd/objective dimension, when it is the 2D/shape dimension, but I correct myself pretty quickly.)


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And for good measure: Pascal’s Triangle


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