I am for you

for best results…

I intend to help you better understand what you need to be your best

Speak your intentions.

Tell them what you want to do in life. And I mean what you do want (not what you don’t want). Tell everyone your goals, what you’re working towards, what you have hoped would and will happen, what you believe is most worthwhile doing, being, and creating.

Why is speaking of your positive intentions the most effective form of communication? Well, for one, because all social animals have a primary goal of being seen as valuable to others as a basic strategy of being part of a group (safety in numbers), so when you give other social animals, such as humans, clear instructions for what you want, they will naturally be motivated to help you get it, at least on a long term, unconscious level. Even if they are presently upset and not feeling cooperative towards you at the moment, nothing is permanent and that emotion will eventually pass, and as long as they are still alive they will once again want to be seen by you as being valuable, and will thus be naturally motivated to help you get what you want.

Another reason that sharing your most positive intentions is that they will very likely be quite similar to other people’s most positive intentions, and they will recognize you as being a whole lot like them. And feelings of kinship go a long way towards the spirit of cooperation, empathy, and sharing.

So, it’s your choice, you can help them help you, or you can make it harder for them to help you. The latter involves not being clear about what you want, not being positive about what you want, and not being confident that it’s something that the world (including yourself) deserves – in other words, you can complain about what didn’t happen, what other people did or didn’t do, be mysterious about your goals, or act like you don’t deserve to achieve your dreams for your life, if you want to make it difficult for others to support you. On the other hand, if you want to help others support you in achieving your best intentions, that process involves being clear, positive, and confident about the kinds of things you are most passionate about when you envision what you have been successful in doing in the future.

When you do speak your intentions for your future self, you are giving the world a gift, the gift of the highest quality information possible. And the world, with it’s global mind, will naturally be so much better off with your most knowledgeable gift…

Will you help the Earth emerge from the darkness of confusion, into the light of understanding?


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