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world peas – blog action day 2011: food

Yep, chives.

The number one thing you can do to improve the world, far and above anything else in life, is to grow your own, and forage for, diversity of greens to eat every single day.

Seriously. Nothing else will have a huge an impact on the world as whether or not our brains are well nourished. And doing so in the most sustainable way, by harvesting them in your own community.

What is a green? The simple answer is that a green is the leafy green part of a plant.

Basil leaves, carrot tops, wood sorrel (the heart shaped leaves on the plant that looks like a shamrock), grass, purslane, curly dock, pea sprouts, and kale are just a few of the thousands of different greens that are exceptionally nourishing for the human body. Take a look at a list of the top most nutritious foods, as defined by the USDA’s nutritional data, at NutritionData.com (scroll down past the categories until you see Basil proudly holding the number one spot!).

The reason why harvesting your own organic local greens and eating them every single day is the most effective way to make a better world is because all of our behavior is governed by our brains. And when out brains are deficient in the nutrients that greens provide, they become low functioning, muddy, and slow, and then we can’t possibly solve any of our global or even personal problems well. Trying to work with others to create a more good, beautiful, true, and inspiring world without a well nourished brain would be like trying to climb a mountain while being totally covered in slippery mud. We’d just keep sliding backwards.

So, for our brains to work at peak problem solving ability, and to achieve our highest goals for ourselves and our world, we need those super green nutrients.


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