I am for you

Squeeee for Binikou!

Squeee! indeed.

Binikou needs just two more comments asap to get a $100 bonus in the Global Giving Evoke fundraising challenge. If you haven’t already, can you spare a few minutes and leave a comment one one of the project updates?

$100 will really make a huge difference to Binikou, as we’re excellent at making a little money go a very, very long way. Much, much longer even than a long cat. Seriously.

Also, if you haven’t taken a look at the new Hierarchy of Needs over at Binikou, you might be interested. I’ve updated it recently, and it’s got some interesting new info.

But please,comment first, if you are supportive of this new educational venture of mine! Then go explore all the other wonderful things out there in the world… :-)

Much Gratitude.



  moonraven222 wrote @

Just so you know–I posted a comment over there, under my more mundane name.

  turil wrote @

Yeah, I saw that, thanks so much! You were the tenth, putting me into the group that got another bonus. Yay!

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