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natural hierarchy leads to equality

what goes up must come down!

Energy flows from the areas of highest power to the lowest, with areas of more power naturally rushing to fill the vacuum created by the lack of power in other areas, with the goal of allowing for a more balanced state of affairs, unless the process is interfered with. Power equality is a law of nature. What goes up, really, really wants to come down.

Which leads us to the logical conclusion that if we’re frustrated about some inequality somewhere, and want that power to flow from where it’s overabundant to where it’s lacking, the obvious thing to do is to look for what’s getting in the way of the natural flow of things, and to remove that unnatural interference so that the energy can get to where it’s needed the most, in the easiest and most direct way that the physics of our universe will allow it to.

This might not be easy, as we’ve gone out of our way to put up all kinds of unnatural interferences all over our environment – from overly rigid grids of streets, to exceedingly complex work/play/learn/relax schedules, to bank accounts, to locks on our doors – but once we see these energy blocking obstacles for what they are, we’re able to remove them quickly and effectively, so that the good stuff can really flow freely and naturally from where it is abundant to where it is lacking, so that equality can be naturally achieved.

And the best place to start, is to look at what’s blocking our own overabundance of power from naturally flowing to wherever else it’s needed more…


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