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TWTS – Going with the flow takes effort!



TWTS – Episode 56 – Going with the flow takes effort!

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One of the biggest places people get stuck when looking for enlightenment β€” be it in the more traditional Eastern philosophies or the more modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy of mainstream Western psychology β€” is how to accept reality while also not “giving up” or being like a “doormat” and “letting people walk all over you”.

How do we “go with the flow” while not getting swept up in a seriously dangerous or excessively lame current? Why not fight against the way things are going, and try to go where we want to go in the first place?

The gist of it is that we find a way to aim, while using the flow to our advantage, to accomplish something meaningful. And the more open we are to all the different kinds of things that are meaningful to us, rather than trying to force a specific one, the more likely we will succeed.


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