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TWTS – The Reality of Infinite Delight



TWTS – Episode 55 – The Reality of Infinite Delight

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If the universe (or multiverse, if you prefer) is indeed generating a pure mathematical randomness of all possible patterns (which physicists seem to think is very likely) – with entropy being the process of evolution where all the stuff that exists is continually being divided into smaller parts and recombined into new things – then we end up with a reality that grows infinitely more interesting, complex, challenging, fun, weird, and unpredictably beautiful with each passing moment. We’re not talking pure boring perfection of ectasy all the time, of course, but an ever increasing level of discovery of intersting and amusing and fun stuff.

This means that while it might seem that everything that possibly could be created, invented, explored, discovered, and known might already have been created, invented, explored, discovered, and known, in the next moment those things will fall apart and reorganize themselves into totally new things, being created, invented, explored, discovered, and known.

The universe’s story not only goes on, but the plot always thickens, the people (whatever type exists at the time) always get more character development, the settings always get more atmospheric, and the special effects always get more stunning.


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