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TWTS – Episode 54 – Generation Fluidity

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(NOTE: I am not so sure I had this generation and it’s personality type and contribution to society categorized well. See this post for a more detailed breakdown of the generations. I might have combined two different generations here.)

When the generation of humans born in the 2010s and 2020s come into power, our world is going to go through an almost unbelievably dramatic paradigm change, from one that is focused on making material things (animal/vegetable/mineral) using a top-down/centralized control of life to one that is focused on exploring and collecting the immaterial ideas/information/energy while using a bottom-up/decentralized control of life.

And it is the more Autism Spectrum types, or at least the personally avoidant/flight introvert types, who will be the ones to lead us (again, from below, not above, us), gently nudging us forward in all different directions as they focus on understanding how the whole universe wants to flow, and helping the world be more fluid and free, so that everyone can follow their own unique path through life. This will allow the whole system to turn into something almost magical, the way a drop of ink in clear water will swirl into chaotically stunning patterns…

The future will be one where there are infinite possibilities, and our wildest dreams of today might pale in comparison to even just every day life in a decade or two.


Nature knows how to make a beautiful life, we just need to go with the flow


Links referenced in episode:

Government 4D (We’re beginning stage 111 now with the cooperative commons approach of Generation Z, and we’re heading into stage 1000 where everything about the way we organize society changes on a fundamental level.)

DSM-MBTI four quadrant diagram (Fight types are ESxx, Flight types are ISxx, Freeze types are INxx, and Flow types are ENxx – we’re governed by the Fight types now, and about to change over to being governed by the Flight types.)

The MBTI “Prime Directive Earth” map of how all the personalities contribute to our future. The ISFP, or 1000, types are going to be leading us all, from below, exploring and collecting ideas about how the universe flows, especially when it comes what’s going on inside us.

Vi Hart’s video “1 Year of Research” (Also, apologies for continually spelling her first name, rather than saying it. I don’t know why I did that.)

Jeremy Rifkin’s Collaborative Commons ideas

More of me!: https://www.reddit.com/user/turil

The Examined Life discussion community on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/theexaminedlife

Live Streaming Philosophy by Turil: https://www.twitch.tv/turilcronburg


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