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TWTS – You should feel angry, scared, sad, and happy.



TWTS – Episode 53 – You should feel angry, scared, sad, and happy.

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Many times when I’m talking to people about the future, and the direction that I see things moving, based on the patterns of growth in life, they start to doubt me, and start looking to tell me all the reasons why the future is only going to get worse. Competition is “normal”. Humans are inherently messed up. Life is purposeless. Physics doesn’t care. We’re destroying the planet. Etc.

And, ironically, I both want to reassure them that they are mistaken, and let them know that whatever they feel is what they should feel.

Any time anyone, including yourself, tries to make you believe that what you are feeling is not what you’re supposed to be feeling, whether that is rage, avoidance, depression, or joy, you can be assured that they are confused. Feelings are the body’s way of sending you a message about the state of things, so that you can make a more informed decision about what to do.

Ideally, we can allow our emotions to be fully heard and respected and expressed before we try to solve any intellectually complex problem. This way we allow ourselves to focus on the past first, and then the future, using the parts of our brain that are best suited for each of these things.

“I ball up the meanness and let it out in the art, and no one gets hurt” ~Artist Peter Deligdisch



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