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TWTS – The Purpose of Happiness



TWTS – Episode 49 – The Purpose of Happiness

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Happiness seems like such an undefinable, inexplicable, unknown thing sometimes. We all know about the simple things that make all of us living things “feel good” that involve the body getting some sort of food, or water, or warmth which it needs to function well. But beyond that, why do some humans get all tingly when they hear someone whispering in their ear, and other humans don’t? And why is it so addictive for some people to gamble?

And why is life still worth living when there are so many depressing things out there?

Because life is, at it’s core, made to expand and grow. The algorithm of life is one for generating new life, and pretty much nothing else. Without that purpose in life, it would not continue to exist. And one way it does that is by having the super complex human brain reward itself for doing certain things.

What sort of things make YOU happy depend entirely on a complex combination of your genes and your environment, but the one thing that is always true, is that the things that make you happy, that aren’t actively harming anyone (non-consensually), are the things that the universe probably needs you to do more of.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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