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TWTS – Away from Fight, Towards Flight



TWTS – Episode 45 – Away from Fight, Towards Flight

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For a century, we’ve been dwelling solidly in humanity’s stage of flight, as our basic reaction to global stress. But that’s coming to an end. The age of Extravert Sensing types being in the lead is starting to subside. And now, we’re entering the stage of flight. It’s time for the human world to be lead by the more Introvert Sensing types, who focus inwards in the more extreme ways, which will allow our world to move into some seriously quiet, reserved, and possibly magical, new-age, Buddhist, internally-focused navel gazing.

In a way, we’re all going to be refuges running away from the aggression and towards something unknown, with an open belief system, looking to discover what beauty and wonder the universe has to offer us all, from virtual reality, to cat memes, to deeply intimate but distant relationships, to quantum physics, and artificial intelligence.


Links referenced in episode:

The Stages of Grief are Loopy

The DSM-MBTI personality types

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and his Flow state theory

Personality Types and how they fit into EVERYTHING (Prime Directive Earth MBTI)


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