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TWTS – Episode 44 – Pick a Government, Any Government

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This is a bit of a follow-up to a couple of previous episodes…

How does a bottom-up government, like the Life: Earth Mission (aka Prime Directive Earth) one I’ve been sharing, work? Whatever way works! Just like in a healthy living organism, like a human body, each local area, be it a collection of blood cells, a kidney, or a hand, makes it’s own decisions about how it wants to make decisions, based on who’s there, and whatever they find most comfortable for how they collaborate. And, while a bottom-up, living organism system is definitely no utopia (as we all know, when our bodies get sick or hurt or, eventually, die), the goal of a healthy organism is to try to give every individual within the system what it needs to function as well as possible, while being flexible and resilient through complex networks that can temporarily work around malfunctioning areas until they can heal and be put back online and working for the system again.

The more the individuals focus on taking care of themselves in their small communities, organs/organizations, using whatever skills, interests, resources, etc. they happen to have on hand, and the more these groups network together, based on both geography and category of purpose, the healthier and more effective the system as a whole becomes. The health of the system grows exponentially, meaning that we can repair a huge amount of damage pretty quickly as long as we focus on actually doing so, freely, and with a goal of system health, rather than competition.


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If you and a bunch of others were starting a new colony from scratch, on another planet, or just an island on Earth, what form of governance would you want to use? How would you want decisions to be made about about who does_gets what? discussion on Reddit’s /r/Futurology community

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More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil

My primary website: http://www.thewiseturtle.com


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