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TWTS – Generations X Yand Z Rebooting Humanity



TWTS – Episode 42. – Generations X Yand Z Rebooting Humanity

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A long and wonderfully winding tour of the past 60 years of humanity and how each human generation (of 20 year periods) has split off from and then recombined cultural norms and ideals from their elders and future Earthlings to elevate our species, and all of life on Earth, into thinking in three dimensions, at governmental level 111, and then, eventually, in all four, at government level 1000 and beyond, for some truly brilliant evolving. I had a whole lot of fun with this one, and I hope you find it fascinating to consider where we’ve been and where we seem to be going…

Here is the way I see Generations X, Y, and Z

Gen X – “The Slackers” – born 1950 to 1969 – First Person/Physical Output Focus
Question: What do I really want to do in life? What does it mean to be a human being and what are we “supposed” to do, if we want to be our best?
Answer: Stop being so greedy and violent, and instead connect to one another!
Peak Achievement (and gift to the next generation): the Internet
Some Spokesmodels: Robert Downey Jr., Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Joss Whedon, Kevin Smith

Gen Y – “The Circus Generation” – born 1970 to 1989 – Second Person/Emotional Output Focus
Question: What do we really want to do together? How can we be our best, interpersonally?
Answer: Stop being so focused on just yourself, and instead play games together!
Peak Achievement (and gift to the next generation): Social media/gaming to improve health
Some Spokesmodel/s: Jane McGonigal, Tim Ferriss, Mark Zuckerburg, Alexis Ohanian, Chris Poole

Gen Z – “Millennials”, “Generation 3D” – born 1990 to 2009 – Third Person/Intellectual Output Focus
Question: What do we really want to do for work? How do we want to collectively solve problems and improve the lot of us?
Answer: Stop being so focused on just you and your pals and competition, and instead start collaborating with all of the diverse Earthlings – animal, vegetable, mineral, and otherwise – in solving the problems of life on Earth in a fun and exciting way!
Peak Achievement (and gift to the next generation): Basic Income (and something involving “the Blockchain” and VR, probably)
Some Spokesmodel/s: (Ummmm… Errr…. Any suggestions for the best of the 26 and under set?)

And what’s next? What will those born starting this decade want to focus on? Everything “out there”, in the most mystical, and incomprehensible sense! They will start up the “Transhumanism” reality, I think. Looking to see what the universe beyond our planet and current material understanding of life has to offer us all. And then, those born even later will be the first generation of fully active Transhuman beings, in the sense of individuals having two or more fully functional bodies (“trans” meaning “across” or “beyond”): with avatars in VR alternate realities, in robot/drone bodies exploring the deep sea, as AI copies on spaceships, or whatever, that are connected to their “home bodies” in realtime, so that individuals can collaborate creatively with themselves over expanses of space and time (making them 5D beings?). Is that a bit scary to us older folks? Yep. And also exciting!



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