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Gift 2 of 3: the Global Organism Database!

First I helped assist with the birth of CREATE Space Earth and I’m working passionately to bring about the very first real live local CREATE hub in a community, somewhere, soon… (If you want to help make that happen faster, in any way, please do contact me! My email address is on the sidebar just to the right of this column, or find me on Reddit with the username “Turil”. The project could really use a couple more creative doers to push it over that tipping point.)

And now, I’m offering up to you a sister project to help collect expertise for solving any and all problems we encounter for getting our basic needs met in life. The goal is a global repository for practical solutions to improve the quality of life for all!

So today, I present to you:

the Global Online Database

The Global Online Database!

It’s just an announcement page right now, but it’s a live site, fully hosted (not glommed into some freebie site like this blog is. :-), and I’m actively looking for ideas on what the best way to build a how-to type site that can be highly organized and searchable in multiple levels and categories. Something better than a wiki… Suggestions?

If this sounds a little familiar, it is very similar to my older project Binikou, only updated and broader, and less focused on kids. Kids are still very welcome to use it, but it’s more focused on being a basic DIY instructional database for collecting any and all solutions for using resource A to get need B. The CREATE Spaces will feed into this site, I imagine, once they get up and running, as will any techies, artists, educators, and everyone else who’s found a good way to do something useful and wants to share that discovery with the world.

So, yeah, my big master plan is coming together. Slowly, but surely. That’s how turtles roll! I’m excited, and happy to have a way to focus all of my energies in the areas that are most appropriate, given the general categories of what our planetary system needs to be healthy. Things are actually starting to move forward again, with some real promise of breaking through into the mainstream for once. Expect magic! (The real kind!)

Here’s an Life: Earth Mission (Turil’s grand plan!) of where these projects fit into everything, for your appreciation and stimulation… (And yes, there’s one on there that’s not live yet. :-)


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