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TWTS – The Turil Test for “Intelligence”



TWTS – Episode 37. – The Turil Test for “Intelligence”

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Because our own perceptions of external reality are always colored by our own subjective experiences, goals, beliefs, etc., when it comes to the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, as well as identifying Artificial Intelligence, the question of whether or not we decide that some “other” is “intelligent” or was designed on “purpose”, may be moot. In any long sequence of ones and zeros we can always find some “interesting” pattern.

So I propose a slightly modified version of Alan Turing’s famous test which can be boiled down to asking:

Is this thing able to take in my goals and offer an unexpected and useful solution for achieving those goals?

The wider the variety of goals a thing can offer solutions for, and the more useful those solutions are, compared to one’s own solutions, the more “intelligent” we might want to label this thing, if that is the sort of thing we really want to spend our time doing, that is.



Links referenced in episode:

Stephen Wolfram’s SETI talk

Tebetha Boyajian’s TED talk on the SETI project’s mysterious “Wow” signal

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