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TWTS – Who do we want to elect?



TWTS – Episode 34. – Who do we want to elect?

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Of the four basic types of biological responses to overwhelming obstacles standing between us and our goals, only one is a healthy, long-term, win-win approach to problem solving. And while we humans generally are capable of all four of these responses, we each have a genetic inclination to one or the other of these approaches. Unfortunately, in our current design of society, the types of human who are naturally inclined to be the most effective at leading us to where we most want to go, as a whole, are not at all the types who are currently being given the job, or even being promoted as candidates.

There’s a clear reason that there is such vocal distress when it comes to elections, as well as the decisions being made by large corporations and other institutions: the people who we really want leading us are being kept far away from those leadership roles.

So, in this episode, I go into a fair bit of detail about the four types of approaches to problems, and where they are most useful. And then I explore the kinds of individuals who we will want to actively seek out to give the most crucial ambassadorial and policy-making jobs that direct us forward, towards a world where we are all able to thrive, in whatever way is most meaningful to us as unique individuals.

This is my longest podcast episode yet, and well worth the time put into it for those who are looking for ways to uncover truly excellent solutions to our planet’s grandest challenges, and most difficult problems. The solutions are indeed out there, hovering on the leading edge of the overly negative social system of our past.

The secret is in unleashing those visionaries and innovators who are otherwise ignored, and pushed out of mainstream politics and science, because they are too “weird” to fit in. These “weirdos” are, in fact, the only ones who are likely to give us the answers we seek. They are the ones who will both care about us individuals, intimately, and be dogged in finding practical policies that will serve us all, collectively, and do so in ways we might never have even dreamed possible.

I encourage everyone who seriously wants our world to find answers — to questions such as how to support a resilient environment in the face of global climate change, how to help humans and other Earthlings adapt to rapid technological change, and how to alleviate the deadly conflicts between tribal-style groups in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and on urban streets in the US and Europe — to intentionally seek out the “weirdo” hidden gems of problem solvers who haven’t yet been given the jobs that they are best at, and then, finally, give them the power, and other resources they need, to fully let loose with what some might imagine to be magic — the true magic that only comes from the purest physical determination, deepest emotional communication, and broadest intellectual innovation, all combined with the grandest cultural inspiration.


Links referenced in episode:

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A place for everyone… https://createspaceearth.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/mbtiprimedirective.gif

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil

My primary website: http://www.thewiseturtle.com


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