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TWTS – Successful Love is Randomness plus Challenge



TWTS – Episode 31. – Successful Love is Randomness plus Challenge

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It turns out that loving one’s romantic partner and loving one’s enemies is very similar, and can be effectively described by the path of a mountaineer, or a computer program: part random curiosity and part hard work that quite often hurts! Love is also the only way to grow, and find a better life, for oneself and one’s companions, whoever they happen to be, and while frustrating at times, is the only truly good option in life.

Enjoy this hearty (heh) Valentine, specially made for you, from me!


Links referenced in episode:
Guardian Article: What is love?

Maslow 2.0: the basic human needs

Hanna Fry TED talk – The Math of Love

Speaking UP process (Podcast)

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