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TWTS – Life: Earth Mission



TWTS – Episode 8. – Life: Earth Mission

DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): Life: Earth Mission


My view of the purpose of life on Earth, and beyond! We’re here to combine our unique packets of information – genes and memes – in procreative ways that expand diversity out into the universe.



Links referenced in episode:

Prime Directive Game MBTI

FQXi paper: Planetary Procreation

More of me!: http://www.reddit.com/user/turil

My other website: http://www.thewiseturtle.com


You can subscribe to The Wise Turtle Speaks Podcast on iTunes or subscribe manually in your favorite podcast application (including iTunes) by putting the rss feed address – https://turil.wordpress.com/category/TWTSpodcast/feed/ – into the “subscribe to podcast” link field (under the file menu in my iTunes).





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