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TWTS – 4D Personality (part 1)


TWTS – Episode 3 – 4D Personality

DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): TWTS 4D Personality

The four basic levels of human brain region/function, and their preference for focusing most intently on either the input/contraction/matter/internal/past-to-present needs or the output/expansion/energy/external/present-to-future needs at each perspective — first person, second person, third person, and fourth person — are one way to organize the different kinds of human personality.

First Person – Physical
xxx0 focuses on one’s own input/internal needs/state
xxx1 focuses on one’s own output/external needs/state

Second Person – Emotional
xx0x focuses on one’s companion/environment’s input/internal needs/state
xx1x focuses on one’s companion/environment’s output/external needs/state

Third Person – Intellectual
x0xx focuses on one’s community’s input/internal needs/state
x1xx focuses on one’s community’s output/external needs/state

Third Person – Philosophical/Spiritual/Cultural
0xxx focuses on the whole universe’s input/internal needs/state
1xxx focuses on the whole universe’s output/external needs/state

(So, for example, someone who is focused totally on the inputs/internal needs/state for all four levels of the brain function would be categorized as 0000, and someone who is focused on the outputs/external needs/state for all four levels would be called 1111. These numbers also correspond to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) letters/dimensions, which I’ll talk about for the second part of this podcast discussion, coming up next.)


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