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TWTS – Personality Dimensions DSM-MBTI (part 2)



TWTS – Episode 4 – Personality Dimensions DSM-MBTI

DOWNLOAD (right click to save linked file): Personality Dimensions DSM-MBTI


In this second (and extra long!) part I relate the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) categories/dimensions, and some of the mainstream Western psychology personality “disorders”, with my own four basic basic brain levels and preferences, described using binary numbers using contraction vs. expansion as the basic dimensions.

(Note, I believe that many of these so called “disorders” or “mental illnesses” are often perfectly normal and healthy diversities of brain type, so please don’t take these terms as is, and instead look at them as just one way to talk about our amazing brains and what they tend to be able to think and do! We’ve all got our own particular way of doing things that might be exactly what’s needed in a specific situation.)

First Person – Physical
Introvert/Depressive – xxx0 focuses on one’s own input/internal needs/state
Extrovert/Hyperactive – xxx1 focuses on one’s own output/external needs/state

Second Person – Emotional
Sensing/Avoidant Attachment – xx0x focuses on one’s companion/environment’s input/internal needs/state
iNtuiting/ADD – xx1x focuses on one’s companion/environment’s output/external needs/state

Third Person – Intellectual
Feeling – x0xx focuses on one’s community’s input/internal needs/state
Thinking – x1xx focuses on one’s community’s output/external needs/state

Third Person – Philosophical/Spiritual/Cultural
Judging – 0xxx focuses on the whole universe’s input/internal needs/state
Perceiving – 1xxx focuses on the whole universe’s output/external needs/state

IS: Depressive + Avoidant = Autism Spectrum
ES: Hyperactive + Avoidant = Histrionic
IN: Depressive + ADD = Borderline
EN: Hyperactive + ADD = ADHD


Links referenced in episode:

DSMBTI Personality Types/”Disorders”

Depression (and extra happy) Gene

Apologies for the weird audio quality on this one. There was a hum in the original recording, and I did what I could to eliminate it, but it made the rest of the audio sound a bit tinny. I think it’s good enough, just, rather than recording it all over again (at least at the moment). Hopefully it will be fine for you!

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