I am for you

love pulls us forward into a better place

you are being kissed by the stars

Growth always comes when we’re aiming for something more good, true, beautiful, and/or inspiring. When we have a loving place to move into, we can expand and become our whole, best selves.

Trying to push yourself into a space that isn’t made for you, specifically, will only end up with pain, for everyone. Thus, we know the best path to take in life is the one that naturally pulls us forward into a space that fits our unique self comfortably and lovingly.

So follow your heart, and you’ll always end up where the universe most needs you to be, creating the most joy for everyone.

I wish you well in connecting with your heart and allowing it to be pulled to where it’s most welcome and wanted and valued.

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  moonraven222 wrote @

Thank you for writing this. It’s good advice.

May each of us follow our heart and find that loving place.

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