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Government Prime Directive

Prime Directive Earth

Here’s a slight modification to my Human Prime Directive, to be used as a government self-defining policy. This puts the basic Human Prime Directive in context, as the law of government output, with the government’s own inputs, outputs, and conflict/problem-solving intentions as the total three elements of a “Government Prime Directive”. The following is a general description of the Earth/Government Prime Directive. (For a larger version of the diagram above, describing the directive, click on the image and it will open in a new window.)

Eliminate all current laws, and create only the following laws:

1. Input: Government can collect resources only through donations.

2. Output: Government can only use collected resources to serve three things, individual material input needs, output needs, and social interaction (balance) needs, specifically: access to the basic physical needs for humans and any other individuals who appear to want help – the needs for humans being inputs of high quality food, water, air, warmth, light, and outlets for individuals’ solid, liquid, gas, and energy outputs – along with the option of win-win mediation and problem solving for any conflicts that arise for any individuals, human and otherwise, with a goal of balance and equality of access to basic needs.

3. Balance: Government solves it’s own problems of how to serve these needs by collecting data about the individual needs from all who are interested in “voting” using open polls where individuals’ needs are recorded, at the level of detail that the individuals choose, in a publicly readable database, and also collects solutions about how to provide these needs in a separate publicly editable database, and then offers government resources to individuals and groups based on the solutions that the communities and individuals choose to use.

All organization/organisms are fractal, so a larger galactic government could have the Earth’s system as one of the individuals it serves, just as each of us humans is one of the individuals our Earth government serves.


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