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All possibilities, eventually...

As I see it, reality is very likely to be what is essentially represented by Pascal’s pyramid: an increasingly complex pattern where individual elements continually divide and recombine, covering all the possible combinations.

The unique realities that each of us individual human consciousnesses experience is one circle of possibility, at an extremely detailed level of observation, while our own universe is itself a single circle of possibility on a much more general level of observation. And each species of Earthling is one single circle on a level of observation somewhere between the level of detail the universe as a whole is seen at and the level of detail an individual human, maple tree, or paramecium is seen at.

The more details we choose to separate reality into for observation, the more possibilities for variety we will see. This is why every single time we think we’ve sorted out what the smallest particle is, we find out that there are, in fact, more, even smaller parts. Every part can be observed to have elements that are more particle-like (structure, space, quantity, matter) and more wavelike (function, time, quality, energy), thus each part always has smaller parts of its own. So, the more detailed we observe reality, and ourselves, the more unique and diverse we realize everything must be. I may share somewhere around 99.9% of my genes with you, but after that, I’m just totally different! I’m even significantly different right now, on an atomic level, as compared to what I was when I wrote the previous sentence…

It seems that reality is all about the infinite exploration of possibility. If it’s possible, reality will create it. It might only last a tiny fraction of time in a tiny fraction of space, or it might last billions upon billions of eons and expand out over vast areas of space, relative to ourself, but if it can exist, it will. And that’s because, as we know from looking at the top of Pascal’s pyramid, the single element that encircles all of reality is defined by both the finite and linear radius, and by the infinite and non-linear π (pi).

Reality truly loves diversity, infinitely. And the further out we expand the radius of our awareness of reality, the more diversity we will encounter…


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