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copyright laws, sharing, and freedom

the best things in life are free, the sky, the land, and the sea, and you and me!

I figure I’ll take this Blackout event to share my own practical and philosophical take on sharing, offering you all another perspective with which to talk to others who might be curious about what truly matters most when making decisions about who has the right to what when it comes to information, ideas, art and other intangible patterns of energy…

The question to ask, when making a decision about whether or not there should be laws and social support that either protect the right to freely share or prevent sharing of media, is:

Does this particular piece of media offer ideas that increase people’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and/or spiritual health? If so then the world will be a better place if it’s shared as widely as possible, and offered to everyone, unconditionally. If the media does not offer ideas that increase people’s health in any way, then it’s not important to share it with anyone.

The world needs everyone to be able to be their best, so that we can work together to solve our various problems more effectively, rather than constantly having to waste resources bickering against each other, and worrying about what the materially deficient of the world will do to the power and profit hoarders of the world, to try to regain some balance.

To ensure that the creators of good ideas and valuable media are supported in doing their pro-social work, we will set up easy to use voluntary contribution systems, where the creators can be offered money and other, more practical things that they need to be inspired to keep creating good stuff for the world.

Every website should have a donation button. Every creator of any sort should have a list of the things they are most in need of to do their best work, on a personal page somewhere, so that people can help them out directly. We can stop wasting money on public schools that pay administrators, teachers, and power-hungry unions regardless of whether or not the students are happy and learning what they most want to learn to achieve their greatest dreams, and start giving students and parents their portion of the school budget to use to thank the creators of the media they find most valuable to their learning.

And adults can be encouraged to consciously decide to spend their resources supporting only the media that they believe is most valuable, rather than being lazy and paying to let the mainstream profiteering corporation feed them whatever mind numbing crap they happen to have collected. Anyone who demands payment up front for their media is probably trying to scam you out of your money, and isn’t really expecting you to value it much. Those who offer their media for free, to anyone and everyone, has confidence that it’s going to be valuable to at least some, and believes that it’s better for the world to have their media spread. These are the people to look to for the best, most valuable ideas…

In short, the best things in life are free. Including ideas and the media that contain them. Support freedom of information, and support the creators of the best information, so that they can keep up the great work! :-)


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