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focused awareness is the tip of the iceberg

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There is new evidence in the study of human consciousness that suggests that the highest level of consciousness – that of the awareness of one’s own thoughts in relation to the external world – is the product of a network of regional hubs in the brain all talking to one another.

It might be useful to think of this consciousness process as being similar to the process of triangulation when searching for the source of a signal. One takes several different receivers, from very different areas, with each one showing the general direction of the signal (but not the distance it is from the receiver), and combines all the data to pinpoint a very precise location of the signal. In the human brain, we have several different kinds of “receivers” that collect certain kinds of information from the world (both inside the body and out). In higher conscious awareness, it’s very likely that each of these regions sends it’s most useful data up into the “cloud” where it gets combined together for a single, tip of the iceberg, sensory impression of “What’s up?”

Of course as with any attempt to pinpoint anything more complex than an actual pinpoint, there will always be more information that lies beneath the surface. The rest of the iceberg might not be consciously visible, but it’s there, and it’s really, really big. And that’s why what we’re conscious of is nothing compared to what we know on a deeper, unconscious, level. Conscious certainly does allow us many wonderful opportunities to play around with ideas, but it’s always important to be conscious of the fact that consciousness is limited, and that trusting “instinct” the body’s less conscious awareness and communication system, is often at least as valuable, especially in the case of navigating through a very complex environment where there might be many enormous obstacles that only the unconscious mind is aware of…


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