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the truth is a possibility

not entirely not a unicorn - but really more of two beetles making babies

Unicorns exist in reality. Unicorns are a combination of a horse and a narwhal (or some other single horned creature). Unicorns might not have ever lived as an individual being, but they most definitely have existed as the sum of parts that do exist in life. Also, a horse is probably more than 99.9% unicorn, and thus, in the “set of living beings” unicorns exist with more certainty than the vast majority of other things in human experience. (How certain are you that someone really loves you, as opposed to just selfishly benefiting from being around you? 50% 80% 95%? How certain are you that the moon isn’t just painted on a big dome in the sky in glow in the dark paint? How about the likelihood that there really was a man named Shakespeare who wrote Hamlet? Or that the best friend you had as a kid but haven’t seen in decades isn’t just in your imagination? Or how about the speed of light?).

In human experience, truth is always a percentage – a probability that is a result of a combination of two or more factors interacting in a given situation.

X exists if and/or when at least Y and Z are present.

The only exception for truth always being a percentage (less than 100%) is for what we might call “Everything” or “The All” or the “Whole Enchilada” or “God” or “Wherever God Exists” or “The Metaverse” or whatever term we decide to use to describe “all of the possibilities, ever, in all of existence, combined”. If such an end point to all of reality exists, where everything that is possible finally exists, then it could be said to be pure 100% pure maple syrup! (Or, more likely, “the whole truth”.) But everything else must, logically, always be less than pure truth, and will always be defined by some partial set of factors in time and space, as perceived from some specific point in time and space.

Which is why getting closer to the truth is all about triangulation – looking at things from different perspectives, to get a more wholistic – 4D – understanding of them as they exist as combinations of all sorts of different points along the X, Y, Z, and time axes.


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